Pest Control

For Schools and Educational Facilities

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Pest Control For Schools and Educational Facilities

Pest Control For Schools and Educational Facilities

Pest Control Exterminators For Schools and Educational Facilities

Schools and educational facilities are a natural location for pests to want to be. Since there is plenty of food, water, and warmth available, numerous pests may try to call a school their home at the same time. Even with preventative policies and procedures in place, a box of snacks in a drawer or a clogged drainage trap can be all it takes to have an infestation on your hands.

At One Hour Pest Control, here is how we can help schools and other educational facilities maintain a healthy learning environment.

• Entry Control. We will inspect your facilities to make sure entry points are restricted for pests.

Restroom Care. Kids are naturally messy. It’s part of the process of growing up. Being messy in a restroom, however, creates the potential for pests.

Rodent Control. Schools store large quantities of food on a regular basis. This naturally attracts rodents and creates a potential hazard to those supplies and the rest of the building.

Insect Control. Fruit flies, other types of flies, beetles, and even mosquitoes can all fly in through open doors and windows. We’ll help your school manage this situation very effectively.

Students cannot learn if their environment is not conducive to learning. Our commercial pest control services that are specifically designed for schools and educational facilities will take an individually customized approach to your situation. Instead of worrying about pests, your students can worry about getting the grades they want to earn.

There is no obligation with a phone call. We offer free estimates. Dial (646) 820-1299 and our expert staff will be happy to discuss how your school or educational facility may benefit from our NYC commercial pest control services.

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