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NYC Pest Control | Cockroaches

  • What is a flying cockroach?

Many species of cockroaches in NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Long Island City have wings, but not all are good flyers. There are several species capable of flying short distances, and a number of other species use their wings to glide from high elevations to lower surfaces. The Pennsylvania Woods Cockroach males and Smoky Brown Cockroaches are both strong flyers. American cockroaches are one of the largest cockroach species found in North American homes, apartments and commercial properties. Both sexes of the American cockroach have wings, which are primarily used for gliding. German cockroaches do not fly, although adult specimens are equipped with wings. The main problem with flying cockroaches is that they are much more adept at getting into homes, apartments or businesses than regular cockroaches. Once an infestation has occurred, they procreate extremely rapidly, and are very hard to completely eliminate without professional help.

  • Do they pose food contamination hazards?

Cockroaches can virtually live by eating anything. Apart from the food we eat, they also feed on dead plant, animals, fecal matter, glue, soap, paper, leather and even strands of fallen hair. While crawling around at nights, they contaminate open food by defecating on it, leaving behind hair and dead skin and depositing empty egg shells in it. Food poisoning: In an epidemic outbreak of food poisoning, it was found that the incidence of new cases dropped abruptly after cockroach infestation was eliminated. The insect is also a home for the bacterium Salmonella which can cause typhoid and food poisoning.

  • Do cockroaches carry/transmit disease or pose a hazard to your health?

Inoculation of disease-causing bacteria: While feeding, cockroaches regurgitate their own saliva and digestive fluids from their mouth to inoculate your food with germs or bacteria residing in their gut. A study found that the bacterium Pseudomonas Aeruginosa can multiply extensively in gut of cockroaches. It can cause several diseases like urinary tract infections, digestive problems and sepsis. Asthma: Cockroaches can be the worst enemies of asthmatic people. The incidence of asthma attack may increase if your house is infested with cockroaches. Cockroach allergens can cause severe complications and can even be life-threatening. And people who are not asthmatic may develop cockroach asthma by inhaling cockroach allergens.

  • Are cockroaches dangerous?

Cockroach bites: Some species of cockroaches have been found to bite humans. These cases are rare but if your home is heavily infested with these insects then you should be careful because they can nibble on fingernails, toes and soft parts of the skin causing wounds. Invasion of body parts: Cockroaches can not only invade your home but also your body parts. There are several cases of cockroaches entering the ear and nose while sleeping. Small cockroaches can readily enter body orifices if you’re in deep sleep. Once they have entered your body, they feed off of your dead skin cells or bodily fluids, growing inside you. Typically, they have to be surgically removed by a doctor, once they have grown too large to get back out. This can lead to hearing loss or infection, mostly caused by bacteria in their feces.

  • What do I do if I have an infestation?

Over 90% of homes in NYC have experienced a flying cockroach infestation. These infestations are one of the worst pest problems because of their quickly multiplying number and their resilience to Raid and other over the counter poisons. Flying cockroaches can live for a full week with no head, and rely on very little food and water to survive. Most types of cockroaches are practically immune to Raid or other poisons, and professional help is necessary to completely eradicate them. Call One Hour Pest Control for convenient, quick and friendly service. Pest Control in NYC, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island City, we are your best NYC pest control company to permanently eradicate an infestation in your home, apartment or commercial property.