Pest Control Services

for Pharmaceutical Facilities

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Pest Control Services for Pharmaceutical Facilities

Pest Control Services for Pharmaceutical Facilities

Pest Control Services for Pharmaceutical Facilities

The process of drug manufacturing and storage might help to provide products that allow people to maintain their health, but it is also an environment that attracts pests. The temperatures that are required for manufacturing and storage are the exact temperatures that many pests like to enjoy. Our commercial pest control services for pharmaceutical facilities is specifically designed to remove bothersome pests without exposing your processes or products to potential harm.

All protocols of our pest control services at One Hour Pest Control meet current FDA standards. Here is our 3 point promise to you.

• We will offer you a vendor inspection program. Your key vendors are an integral part of your pharmaceutical business. We can help to make sure they are contributing to a potential pest control risk.

• We offer staff training services. Pest control is often reactive, but it must become proactive for ongoing success. We’ll help to train your staff on the signs and symptoms of a potential pest invasion and what to do about it.

• Your documentation will be ready for review. The documentation of our commercial pest control efforts will be ready for an audit. We will also lend audit support on-site as needed.

There are numerous ways that pests may affect your pharmaceutical facilities. We will provide you with a comprehensive inspection regarding your situation, offer a free estimate, and answer any questions you may have regarding our services. Your facilities may be an ideal habitat for many types of pests, but we will help you control this issue and reduce your risks of infestation for a rate that is fair and competitive.

Contact us to discuss how our services could benefit your organization today.

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