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Long Island City is home to countless businesses and thousands of residents. It’s also one of the fastest growing areas of NYC. Any time you have an influx in population and visitors, you also have an influx in pests. At One Hour Pest Control, we provide 24 hour Long Island City pest control and extermination services, and we’re ready to handle any problem that you have – large or small.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control in Long Island City

Pest infestations can affect anyone at any time. At One Hour Pest Control, we can provide you with thorough pest control solutions for all of the most difficult in property pests, including mice, rats, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, and so much more. Many of these treatments can be completed same day. Our technicians are:

  • Trained
  • Licensed
  • Friendly
  • Knowledgeable

We’ll make sure that your infestation is completely eliminated, and that you are confident that the job was done right. How quickly you react after discovering you require pest control services can make all the difference. For a business, pest infestations can lead to health risks, legal concerns, and damage to your reputation. For a homeowner, pest problems mean possible health risks to you and your family, and a home that doesn’t truly feel like a home.

No matter the top of property, One Hour Pest Control is here to help. Our team knows how to find, identify, and eliminate all types of pests. Our Long Island City exterminators will also take special care to make sure that your items are protected, and we’ll use only the least toxic pest control products possible so that your family, pets, or employees are kept safe.

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If you do find yourself with a pest control problem, One Hour Pest Control is here to help, with 24/7 service and support, and the ability to handle many types of pest issues same day.

Contact us today for our Long Island City pest control services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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