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Pest Control Exterminators for Health Care Facilities

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Pest Control Exterminators for Healthcare

Expert Pest Control Exterminators for Health Care Facilities

Medical providers have a challenging job in today’s world. Between the administrative hurdles that must be navigated to the diagnosis of health issues that may be impacting patients in a negative way, pest control seems like one of the last things that needs to be worried about. The only problem is this: the presence of one pest may limit your ability to meet the expectations that people have for you as a medical provider.

Pests can come in all shapes and sizes. What affects one facility may not affect another. That’s why at One Hour Pest Control, we always offer free consultations without obligation regarding the need to control pests. Here’s how we make sure we minimize your pest threats while ensuring you receive a maximum level of protection.

• We implement effective quality controls. Insects, rodents, and other pests can appear in an instant. Our commercial pest control services implement effective quality controls which can stop infestations before they start.

• We go to the source. It isn’t good enough to just remove pests. We remove the source of the infestation so the pests stay away for good.

• We help to train your staff to recognize early infestation signs and symptoms. Early prevention means lower costs to maintain your current environment.

You deserve the very best. Our promise to you is that this is what you will always receive from our services. If you’re ready to see how proactive pest control could improve your facilities, then schedule an appointment at (646) 568-7150 or call to ask us questions about how we may help to meet your needs today.

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