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There are two different cloth moth species to be concerned about as a home pest. The first is the webbing version of this moth, which is very common throughout the United States and can be found in many closets. The second is the casemaking version of this pest. Both moths are of the same size, but the casemaking cloth moth has dark spots on its body.

It is easy to mistake other types of moths as cloth moths, so there are so specific characteristics to look for if you’ve discovered a potential infestation.

Cloth moths tend to hover near the infestation point. You won’t find cloth moths in the kitchen or out in the garage. They tend to stay in the same room where the infestation has occurred.

Cloth moths are not attracted to light. It is the darker areas of the home, in fact, that tend to attract this pest.

Cloth moths have small tufts of “hair” on their head. If you can catch one of these pests, inspect its head. Other species of moths that are pests will not have the same tufts of hair on their heads that a cloth moth will.

It isn’t the moth itself that is damaging to the clothing and other fabrics of your home. It is the larvae of the moth that needs to be eliminated. A female cloth moth can lay up to 50 eggs over a 3 week lifespan and it may only take 1 week for the larvae to begin feasting.

If regularly cleaning your home and laundering your clothing is not helping to control the pest population in your home, then contact us today about our services. We can help to protect your home, furniture, and clothing from this bothersome pest for a surprisingly affordable rate. Even if you only suspect cloth moths, act now because the amount of damage they can cause is truly amazing.

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