4 Outdoor Tips To Stop Pests

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4 Outdoor Tips To Stop Pests

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Pests don’t just bother you indoors. There are numerous pests that will sneak onto your property and cause problems out in your yard as well. Many of these pests will eat just about anything, so the most important thing you can do is remove food sources. These additional tips will help you make sure your property is less attractive as a home.

#1. Remove overhanging branches. Pests need an access point to your home. Overhanging branches can help even large pests, like raccoons, to reach your roof and potentially come inside. Make sure these branches are cut back properly.

#2. Install or replace your chimney caps. Raccoons and squirrels love chimneys. If you hear rattling in your fire box, then you’re already too late. Call a pest control specialist and then have a chimney cap installed.

#3. Protect your garden. Backyard gardens are growing in popularity and pests are licking their lips because of it. If the garden isn’t protected, then it is an open invitation for pests. A wire fence may not be enough to stop persistent pests, so electrical fencing may be required.

#4. Make it unfriendly. If you suspect pests in your attic, garage, or other areas of your home, then disturb the environment. Play a radio, install flashing lights, or even distribute mothballs in a pinch. Make sure to locate the entry point and give the pests a couple days to leave. Then stuff the entry with newspaper. If the paper isn’t removed, the pests are gone and you can seal the entry.

Stopping pests sometimes starts from the outside. Implement these tips today and you’ll be able to make sure your structure is as unfriendly as possible to the pests that are bothering you.