Using Caulk and Sealant to Stop Pests

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Using Caulk and Sealant to Stop Pests

Using Caulk, Sealant and Steel Wool to Stop Pests

Using Caulk, Sealant and Steel Wool to Stop Pests

Using Caulk, Sealant and Steel Wool to Stop Pests

Stop Pests Using Caulk and Sealant 

Although caulk and sealant are used as interchangeable terms, they are two different things. Caulk does not return to its original size after being stretched or compressed. A sealant is something that is applied to cracks, pores, and other minor structural imperfections that would stop something from being pest proof.

How can you determine which item should be used to stop pest? Here are the factors that must be considered when deciding between caulking or a sealant to stop pest.

• How much movement is available at the location? If there is a large amount of movement expected, caulking works better because it can adapt to the movement. This is why bathtubs and showers have their joints sealed with caulk. If no movement is expected, a sealant may work better.

• What is the compatibility of the surface? Some surfaces won’t hold caulk. Others won’t hold a sealant. Sometimes this issue will force your hand toward the materials that must be used.

• How long do you need the area protected? If the environment is high moisture or the temperatures fluctuate frequently, then caulking may work better. Sealants tend to work better against oxidation.

The amount of space that pests need to invade a space is quite minimal. If you can see light coming through a gap from the inside of your home or business, then a pest can get in there and cause problems. Use caulk or sealant to fill that gap and you’ll create a needed barrier to stop pest invasions.