Mice are a common problem here in NYC. They are everywhere, feeding on the scraps that people leave behind and scurrying throughout the dense population, looking for new places to breed.

Mice may be slightly visually cuter than rats, but they may be even more dangerous. Dumber, dirtier, and prone to disease, mice infestations are always a serious problem. It is also one that we are happy to help with here at One Hour Pest Control.

Avoiding Mice Mistakes

It’s enough to have to live with a mice problem. It is quite another to make mistakes that put and your family at risk. That’s why, if you think you have mice in your home, make sure you avoid the following:

  • Waiting to Remove Them – Mice breed quickly and rarely come alone. If you wait too long to call a qualified pest professional in NYC, you risk having them breed too much and too fast, causing a more severe and difficult to remove infestation. As soon as you think you may have mice, start addressing the problem.
  • Forgetting to Wash – From the moment you find you may have mice, cleanliness needs to be a priority. Mice carry too many diseases, including Hantavirus in their urine. Washing your hands frequently is very important.
  • Clutter in the Home – Clutter, especially in the kitchen and basement, is a big problem when you have mice. The more places they have to hide and feed, the more comfortable they are going to be living on your property.
  • ONLY Extermination – Yes, extermination is the goal. But if mice got into your home once, there is a good chance they will get in again in the future. Make sure you also seal up any hole and take all necessary precautions to keep them away.
  • Handling Them Yourself – You are welcome to try to eliminate mice on your own. But he especially careful about touching them or putting yourself at risk. They bite, and are filled with disease. They should be handled as carefully as possible. That is one of the reasons experts are so often recommended.

Have a Pest Problem? Call One Hour Pest Control

If you are struggling with mice in NYC and are in need of trained professionals to help you eliminate them, call the experts at One Hour Pest Control today. We can help with all pest problems, often in less than 24 hours.