Ant Pest Control in NYC

Common Questions About Ants in NYC

Ants love densely populated areas with ample access to food, so it’s no surprise that they love New York City. With potential meals available everywhere, along with access to water and building materials, it’s not uncommon to find yourself struggling with ant infestations on a regular basis.

For those that struggle with ants every year, it’s natural to have questions. The following are some common questions about ants and ant infestations in NYC.

Ant FAQs

Q: What Types of Ants Are There In NYC?

A: There are Carpenter Ants, Crazy Ants, Odorous House Ants, Pavement Ants, Little Black Ants, Lasias Ants, and several others. Thankfully, there are no fire ants here yet, but the way the earth has been heating up they may be moving up here soon.

Q: Do Ants Carry Disease?

A: Ants are relatively harmless from a disease/illness perspective, but they’re not completely harmless. They can carry bacteria and pathogens, which is why you do not generally want to eat food that has been contaminated with ants. Some people are also allergic to their bites.

Q: What Are The Biggest Ant Problems?

A: When ants invade, they invade en masse. One ant can quickly become thousands of ants, and once they’ve invaded, they’ll send out even more ants around your property to see what else they can steal. Left untreated, ants can essentially take over your kitchen, bathroom, and more. Also, some kinds of ants have their own unique problems. Carpenter ants, for example, can do almost as much damage as termites.

Q: How Are Ants Getting In?

A: Ants are extremely small, and they can fit through holes that do not even look like holes. The only way to know where they get into the property is to follow them, but even then you may not be able to locate all of them. All it takes is a tiny hole in an area you can’t see, and they’ll find a way to enter.

Q: Can I Kill Ants On My Own?

A: Ant traps that you buy in the store can work on a few breeds of ants, but for most ants it does nothing, and it doesn’t work very well or very quickly. In addition, because of the density of NYC, killing some ants isn’t going to solve the problem unless they are unable to come back. Kill one colony, another colony will just take its place. You need a more thorough solution.

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