A lot of people with strictly indoor cats and no dogs think they’re safe from flea invasions But that’s actually not true. Even if your cat never steps foot outside your apartment except to occasionally go to the vet, fleas can still invade, affecting both you and your family.

But how can you get fleas if your pet never steps foot outside?


Fleas don’t only travel on animals, they can also hitch a ride on people. If your friend who has a dog or outdoor cat, and comes to visit you in your home, she could be unknowingly transporting flea eggs, larvae, or even adults to your apartment.

Rats and Mice

Uninvited guests like rats and mice are a favorite food source for fleas, and can leave some of those fleas behind when they’re in your home to transfer to you or your cat. Contrary to popular belief, fleas that have bitten mice or rats may spread disease to humans, so it’s especially important that these fleas be prevented. Thus it is possible for a flea infestation to not only be a sign of fleas – it may be a sign of rats as well.

Going Inside

Fleas prefer to hitch rides. But they are still more than adequate jumpers that are able to hop up into a home if they think there may be food or shelter. This is especially true if there are openings in your home that may be near your cat – for example, if your cat stays by a window that may have a small opening or be left ajar. Fleas tend to hitch rides, but they can still enter your home the same way most pests can – right through the front door.

One Hour Pest Control Services for Fleas

Keeping your pets on a vet recommended flea and tick preventative all year, whether they go outside or not, is a great way of preventing them from transferring these pests to you and your home. If you’re already itchy and plagued by fleas or other pests, getting professional help from One Hour Pest Control is the best way to eliminate them.

The life cycle of fleas is rapid and difficult to break with over the counter products. We have the products and methods that are most effective for getting fleas out of your home. Contact us today so we can get started.