How to catch bed bugs early at your AirBnB

Of all the pests that could invade your AirBnB, bed bugs are the worst. They’re difficult to detect and even more difficult to get rid of, and because they are both caused by and directly impact your guests, any hope of renting out your home becomes an immediate issue.

But bed bugs can be both treated and prevented. If you keep a close eye out for them, you’ll be better able to prevent or handle the problem sooner and more successfully.

Prevention of Bed Bugs at Your NYC AirBnB

Making sure your New York City AirBnB isn’t a welcoming environment for bed bugs is much easier than trying to get them out once they’re there. There are lots of ways you can keep your place bed bug free, such as:

  • Have a Customer Notification Policy – Let visitors know to notify you right away if they have any bites or there are any concerns about bedbugs. Excellent customer service for your AirBnB may also encourage renters to let you know if they have concerns.
  • Protect Your Beds – Use a protective cover for your mattress and box springs. Light-colored covers also make it easier to see the dark-colored bugs.
  • Clean Floors – Vacuum frequently to remove possible hitchhikers from other places. You can vacuum your mattress, box spring, and any area where the bed touches the floor to be extra careful.
  • Eliminate Clutter – A cluttered area makes it harder to notice bed bugs and gives them more places to hide. Clutter against the wall is especially attractive to bed bugs. The sooner you spot them the easier it is to treat the problem.
  • Review Your Home Often – Have you or your cleaners pay close attention for bed bugs every time your home is cleaned so that if there is even a hint that a bed bug may be present, you can deal with it right away.

These steps will reduce the likelihood of bed bugs and ensure that if there are bedbugs they are caught before the invasion gets out of control.

Recognition and Treatment

It can be hard to tell when you have a bed bug problem since bed bugs are so small and can look similar to other pests, like fleas. Bed bugs do leave tell-tale signs though, such as:

  • Bites – Bed bugs bites can look similar to mosquito and flea bites. But they tend to bite in groups, known as “breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” Should any of your guests, or you, report that they were bit in your home, first find out how many bites.
  • Blood Spots – Bed bugs leave behind small blood stains after feeding. Bed sheets and couch cushions will often have these spots if they’re infested.
  • Fecal Spots and Molted Shells. In addition to blood spots, bed bugs create dark brown or black stains from eliminating waste. Molted shells look like live bugs, but are translucent.

Unfortunately, there are few tools available to homeowners that can eliminate bed bugs should you notice them. You can vacuum even more frequently and wash sheets and clothes with hot water and dry them on a high heat setting as a way to eliminate any solo bugs, but they are unlikely to treat infestations.

Contact One Hour Pest Control as soon as you find them in your NYC AirBnB, and we can help quickly, efficiently, and effectively.