Two months ago, city officials released an announcement about ticks in New York City. According to experts, tick related diseases have been on the rise, and this has caused a significant uptick (pun unintended) in serious illnesses, such as Lyme Disease in New Yorkers.

There are a lot of pests in NYC. But ticks are not often one of them. So what is responsible for the rise in tick related diseases and how can families protect themselves?

Ticks Are Not in Most of New York City

The first thing to note is that it does not appear that the rise in tick bites are the result of areas like Manhattan and Brooklyn. Indeed, they appear to be due to New Yorkers traveling to Upstate New York and nearby Long Island City. These areas seem to have a growing tick problem, and residents of NYC are getting bit in their travels.

That said, avoiding travel may not be enough. There is a problem with deer ticks (the type that carry Lyme Disease) on Staten Island, for example, and other ticks – such as the Lone Star Tick – appear to also be propagating and spreading disease.

So if you’re in areas like Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens, ticks are a concern, but not a pressing one. If you’re on Long Island, or you and your family travel often, you’ll want to protect yourself.

How Can You Stay Safe From Ticks?

Preventing tick bites is a critical tool in preventing tick-borne diseases. DEET – the same repellent used on mosquitos – is known to be effective against ticks. Wearing longer clothes can help as well. You should also try to avoid going off trail, as ticks do tend to be more common in areas that have lots of untouched grass.

If you are in an area that had ticks, however, you can decrease the likelihood of tick related diseases by examining your body right away when you get home. Don’t forget to check in “hidden” areas of your body, as ticks can crawl and hide very well. Remove them by moving tweezers close to your skin and pulling them upward.

Stay Safe From Trcks

If you are concerned or suspect you have a tick problem on your property, you can give One Hour Pest Control a call. We do serve areas like Long Island City, in addition to New York City, and so we can help you with your tick problem.

But for the rest of New York, just try your best to stay safe and vigilant. Ticks may not seem like a big concern, but the diseases they carry can be very problematic.