Mosquitoes are happy to suck the blood of anyone that is able to give it to them. But some people seem to be more prone to bites than others. Two people can share a room, and one of them wakes up with lots of mosquito bites, while the other wakes up with none.

Why are some people more prone to mosquito attacks than others?

What Seems to Attract Mosquitoes?

Scientists are not entirely sure why some people are more attractive to mosquitoes than others. But they have found some likely culprits. Some of the differences linked to mosquitoes include:

  • Beer – It seems that people that drink beer tend to attract mosquitoes. This may be why the beer drinkers at a barbecue seem to get more bites than those holding a water. Scientists believe it is the yeast in beer that seems to call them the most.
  • Obesity – Being overweight doesn’t technically attract mosquitoes. But heavy breathing does, and those that struggle with obesity tend to breathe heavier than others. That doesn’t mean if you get bitten that you need to worry too much about your weight, but it does mean that if you are overweight, there may be a reason that mosquitoes like you more.
  • Blood Type – A person’s blood type also seems to serve as an attractant to mosquitoes. Type O blood is the most popular among these flying blood suckers.
  • People with Gout – No, gout itself doesn’t cause mosquitoes, but those with high levels of uric acid (the same acid that causes gout) do seem to attract them more.

There are also some other attractants, such as sweat, easily visible clothing, and pregnancy. The latter can be especially problematic, since mosquitoes may carry diseases that harm the fetus.

Eliminate and Prevent Mosquitoes

For those that are prone to bites, there are ways that professional pest control companies, like One Hour Pest Control, can help you reduce the frequency of bites. If you’re interested in learning how you can avoid being a delicious snack to these irritating pests, call One Hour Pest Control today.