There are pests that sting, pests that eat your food, and pests that make noises in the night. But for many, the bugs that cause the most problems are the ones that make you itch.

There are many pests that cause you to have itchy bumps and itchy skin, and since many of those pests tend to attack you in the quiet, it’s not uncommon to find that you have no idea which ones caused you to develop the itchiness. The following are five of the more common itch-causing pests in New York City, as well as some tips to help you identify them by their bites.

Itchy Skin and The Pests That Cause Them

One thing to keep in mind is that itchy bug bites all tend to look the same, contrary to popular belief. That is because the bumps are just allergic reactions, and your body’s allergic reactions tend to be similar. Still, there are some ways to tell them apart.

  • Bed Bugs – Any time you wake up with unexplained itchy bumps, your biggest fear is probably bed bugs. Bed bugs leave extremely itchy bites, and they attack when you sleep, so any time you wake up with bumps it can be stressful. You can sometimes tell if it is a bed bug bite because each bed bug tends to bite more than one time. Many bites, or 3 bites in a straight line, could be a sign of bed bugs.
  • Mosquitos – Mosquitoes are another common fear, as their bites are more likely to carry disease, and the presence of one may mean that more are coming soon. Mosquitoes tend to only bite once, and for some people (although not all), the bites show up a bit larger due to the allergy and the amount of time they spend feeding.
  • Fleas – Flea bites are similar to mosquito bites. However, there are a few differentiating factors. First, they tend to bite in the areas they live. If they are on the floor, then they are more likely to bite your feet and ankles. If they are on your couch, then they’ll bite your lower back. Second, they’re a little less common in homes that have no pets. Although they CAN still invade any home, those without pets tend to be at slightly less risk of a flea bite.
  • Spiders – Contrary to popular belief, it is very difficult to tell the difference between most spider bites and flea bites. Though some spider bites do cause pain and other symptoms, most spider bites just cause itching like mosquito bites do. One possible way to tell the difference is to look at the bite marks. Mosquitos only have one dot. Because spiders have fangs, they will sometimes have two.
  • Cockroaches – Cockroaches do not bite. But they do carry allergies. That’s why, if you wake up itching, you may actually be suffering from a cockroach allergy. If your itch is caused by roaches, you may have a bit more of a rash than any one or two bites.

For those that are concerned that they are itching as a result of pests, call One Hour Pest Control today. We can provide you with a complete inspection, determine if there are any pests, what the risk factors are, and more – often within 24 hours or less. Call us today to get started.