New York City has a lot to offer. Great food, amazing activities, plenty of personal and professional opportunities, and all of the shopping you can handle. The vision that most people have about this city is a largely positive one. But one of the few negative stereotypes that Manhattan has is that it is filled with pests, and while that stereotype is not fair to this great borough, there is still a bit of truth to the idea that there are pests everywhere.

Cockroaches in Manhattan

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in Manhattan. They are also very resilient insects and are some of the biggest disease spreading pests around. They typically nest out of sight in the walls, preferably near a food source like the pantry or another place where crumbs collect and are nocturnal. The best way to prevent them is to clean up food as soon as possible and block their entrance points, like sealing up any cracks around pipes.

Bed Bugs in Manhattan

Bed bugs are a growing problem all over the United States. But they are especially a problem in Manhattan, because of the population density, the frequent tourists, and amount of movement that New Yorkers have around the city.

They are some of the most feared pests because of how difficult it is to prevent and remove them. They’re small and can hitch a ride into your home with almost anything: clothing, suitcases, books, toys, and more. Bed bugs are becoming an increasingly challenging problem in Manhattan, even more so because they do not always respond effectively to improper treatment.

Rats and Mice in Manhattan

Rodents are another big disease spreading pest. They can spread salmonella, rat-bite fever, the plague, and other serious illnesses through their waste. Sealing up any openings in your home is the best way to prevent rats and mice. You should also clean up your kitchen, behind your fridge, the pantry, the couch, and anywhere else you’ve brought food, as leftover foods can attract mice.

Ants in Manhattan

Ants don’t always live in anthills. There are many species that are just as happy to burrow into the soft, moist wood in your windowsill, door steps, floorboards, and other places. Cleaning up food and keeping your food sealed in a container is the best way to prevent ants, since if there’s nothing for them to eat, there’s no reason for them to stay.

Since cleaning up can be difficult, however, a pest control company like One Hour Pest NYC is the best way to get rid of them.

One Hour Pest Control Services for Any Type of Pest

These are only some of the many pests that affect homes and offices in Manhattan. One Hour Pest Control is open 24 hours a day to help you remove pests from your home or business. Infestations should be taken seriously. Contact us today and we’ll help you say goodbye to whatever pest you’re dealing with.