“I don’t fear many pests, but I do hate crane flies. They’re like giant flying mosquitoes, and for some reason they always want to fly right into my face. I hate them I hate them I hate them.” ~Customer of One Hour Pest Control.

It seems like a lot of pests have this innate desire to fly right into your face. It’s as though they know that you want them gone, so they decide they’re going to attack your face in response. But do cockroaches, crane flies, house flies, and other flying pests really attack your face?

Bugs Don’t Like You

The short answer is no. No pests – not even mosquitoes, which are attracted to your breath – attack your face. At least, not intentionally. Very few pests even attack at all, and pests don’t generally have a good idea where your face is or whether or not it is worth attacking.

Instead, what usually happens is one of the following:

  • Most pests fly towards the light, and as humans, you stand tall often in view of light sources. They may not be flying towards you, but rather they are flying towards the light, and you happen to be in the way.
  • Similarly, pests also tend to fly upward when they are trying to get away. You’re upward, and they don’t necessarily have the ability to tell that you’re in their way even if you’re the one trying to move them.
  • Humans tend to make their faces smell nice, with perfumes, facial cleansers, food that they’ve eaten, and more. Pests may be flying towards a pleasant smell that just happens to be on your face.

In some cases, it may also be that you only notice the pests that are flying somewhere near you, and ignoring the ones that do not. When you’re feeling annoyed or scared of pests, it’s certainly common to notice when one is flying your direction – especially since you are likely standing right in their escape path.

Pests Still Bite

It’s true that pests don’t tend to fly directly at your face. But that doesn’t mean that they do not bite, sting, and otherwise ruin your home. Call One Hour Pest Control today to have us help you eliminate all of the pests on your property.